OK so you may or may not follow me on FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM but in case you don’t, I am about to break this all down for you…. so sit tight!!!

So word on the street is, there is this new workout from Beachbody called CIZE. It’s a dance workout, hip hop if you will, to new music, the type of music that you would dance to at the club or with your friends.

And me personally, I may not be the best dancer, but I LOVE TO DANCE! I cannot be in a bad mood when I am dancing and this workout makes me smile and have such a good time!

Not too mention, that Shaun T is the instructor and he is DAMN FINE!!! #jussayin

So anyways, I have been doing 5 days of Cize, yup I just started on Monday and I have had already amazing progress this morning!


I woke up and I was down 3.6lbs then I was when I start on Monday, and that was 5 days ago!!! Just from dancing and having fun! Could you imagine???

Here is a video that I shared today with my Facebook followers 🙂

If you would like anymore information about this program, feel free to email me at [email protected]