I wanted to give you all a HEADS UP and let you know what the dealios are that launched this month! I try not to put them all on blast but I also don’t want to keep them from you so I will give you a bit of info about what is happenin’!!!

I am so excited for all that Beachbody has to offer this month! My very first fitness program aka my soulmate workout (TURBOFIRE) is on sale this month with your first 30 days of Shakeology!!! This is the program that I lost 23lbs with AND MY MUFFIN TOP!!!! Do you know how many things I tried to help me lose that sucker???


I also have an amazing group on facebook for this program to help you stay accountable as well as give you motivation and support!!!


Also, the 3 Day Refresh Challenge Pack is on sale! This is an amazing cleanse that helps you break a plateau or jump start your journey to health! And it also comes with your first 30 days of shakeology too!! Check out my girl Heather’s amazing results with her most recent round of the refresh…. down 11lbs!!! HOT DAMN!!!



T25 is also on sale this month, you workout with Shaun T 5 days a week, for only 25 min a day and get killer results! SWEET!!!

And last but certainly not least, Beachbody just launched ON DEMAND!!! You can now stream your workout videos from any device and they are offering it in a challenge pack with your first 30 days of shakeology and 90 days of unlimited streaming for only $140!!!

So those are what is happenin’ this month! Let me know if you have any questions!!!