I would like to start sharing some amazing transformation stories on Tuesdays! Today, I am sharing my dear friend, Shontae’s story!

“I was always skinny as kid and throughout high school. I played little sports (wasn’t competitive enough), hated running (run for fun – what?) and I didn’t really workout; would go to the gym every now and then but hardly ever but that was not until I was 19 years old. I was not playing attention to what I eat; didn’t have to before and didn’t pay attention to the importance of working out and eating right. I would say around 23 years of age I just starting gaining weight – at that time I was a working full-time and going to school full-time and still was not working out. Most of my friends didn’t workout and ate whatever they wanted and DID NOT gain weight and looked great – so frustrating my body didn’t work like that but I still didn’t find the time to workout and continued to gain weight and still had no motivation to do anything about it; mainly excuses and laziness.

At about at age 28, I finally had to do something. I starting eating a little better and signed up for the gym. I was very devoted at going and was getting into shape. Even after getting pregnant, I still worked out until I was 8 months pregnant. Had to stop because of my swollen feet mostly but was getting pretty big too. I gained 48 pds during my pregnancy but I ate well; did eat some sweets/baked goods I cut out before. Once my beautiful baby girl was born I lost 35 pds due to most of the weight gain was water retention and my baby was 10 pds 10 oz but I was not able to continue my gym membership due to finances as well as working full time and rather go home to my baby but with breastfeeding/pumping it just wouldn’t have worked out.

 I got a WII Fit for my 30th Birthday and was working out to that but was not really dropping any weight nor eating right. Though I was eating better than years prior I still was adding thing in that my body didn’t need and not working out so again I gained weight. After I stopped breastfeeding/pumping my migraines got worse due to lack of exercise and bad nutrition. They needed up getting so bad that they were ruining my life. I was on average having 8 migraines a month with headaches in between. I would go to work and come home to the couch just drained from dealing with a migraine and out of it from taking medication to take care of it. I was unhealthy, overweight and miserable.

This was not fair for me nor my family. I had no energy to be the wife or mom that I wanted or could be nor felt good about myself. I remember going on a hiking trip and struggled; the pregnant friend with us was doing better than I was – so embarrassing and of course I got a migraine that day. Shortly after that I was starting to have short blackouts. After that hike and starting to blackout I had to get things under control. First step was eating healthy to get my migraines under control.

 Once I finally got my migraines under control (food allergies) – thank you naturopath; my life turned around – such a relief but I needed to do something about my out of shape body. I did like the Wii but I needed something more. A while ago someone gave me Turbo Jam so I started working out to that usually the 20 minute workout when I would get myself out of bed in time to workout. I finally was like this is enough so I moved my alarm clock where I would have to get out of bed to hit snooze. I started working out more and actually following the program but it was not as intense as I needed it; didn’t challenge me and honestly has scared to increase the intensity due to a personal issue I do not wish to announce.

Very soon after beginning to follow Turbo Jam. I was introduced to Turbo Fire with a coach and 100% support; my life was completely change FOREVER! I just said screw it I NEED to do this. I found a group that keeps on encouraging me to do more; even running. I NEVER in my life thought I would be a runner and now I’m running 5ks.

My journey has been up and down but since my new recent new journey I’m down 40 pounds, 2 pant sizes and getting in the best shape of my life – SERIOUSLY the best shape I’ve ever been in. NO MORE EXCUSES. I’m not looking back and will continue on this path for me and my family to be fit and healthy. I’m not were I want to be yet but I will get there. Its so true what they say if it does not challenge you it will not change you and found someone to support you to keep going.

 I work full time as an employee, mother and wife and work part time job as a Health & Fitness Coach now. For me working out at home before anyone gets up works the best for me. I’m going this for me and my family. I can’t and will never give up. I’m teaching my daughter healthy habits that will be second nature to her!

Thank you to all my supporters and those who push me – I LOVE YOU! I could’t have done it without you.”

Head on over to Shontae’s Page and let her know what a huge inspiration she is!

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