“I was always “medium” weight growing up, muscular but never any extra fat.

And then college happened… I went from 128 to 155 in my first semester and over the next 7 years i gained another 20lbs … and lost 20 and gained 20 and lost 20… blah blah.

And then I got pregnant. And gained 60 more.

 Topped out at 238 9 months pregnant. After I had my daughter I thought it would fall off with breast feeding. Wrong.

So here i was sitting at 203 in February 2012.

 I worked out with a trainer and just kept myself going to the gym but i was starting to get really sick of that… so I ordered Insanity on a whim.

  I started at 182 and after 3 months I was down to 168.

  After starting that I found my lovely coach on myfitnesspal and through discussion I landed on Turbofire and let me tell you I LOVED it.

I would even do a workout during my lunch break at work and then come home and do my scheduled workout. After those 3 months I was down to 153.

  Unfortunately I got bronchitis right at the end of that and before I could start my next program (p90x), I was OUT of the game…. I started eating crap again, and the illness is still going 2 1/2 months after it started.

  But here’s the difference. I miss working out and I HATE seeing 159 on the scale knowing i’m a bad day away from being back in the 160s.

 So today I start eating better and in 2 weeks when i move to my new city, I start p90x and i get RIPPED. Because i know there will always be people there pushing me to keep going!”

I am so very glad that Kimberly is over being sick, I feel like it lasted for ever and I couldn’t imagine how it felt for her, but I am so proud of her and her hard work and I know that she is going to rock P90X and I am sure she won’t be stopping there!!!

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