Today I am featuring Pam, I first met Pam at The Little Gym when we had both of our kiddos enrolled, she was such an awesome mom, so much fun and so hands on! As I got to know her, i learned how amazing she was and all that she did! Well now, almost 2 years later, I am still getting to know her and her wonderful story! Now here I share with you, Pam’s story!
“I went through high school as a skinny kid. I remember going to give blood at one point in time and being turned away because I did not meet the weight requirement. I did many sports (soccer, basketball, ballet, jazz dance). I kept active, but I never ate well. I’d go a whole day without eating and eat what I wanted when I wanted.
 When I started college, all of my after school activities stopped. Unless I was in a game or a competition of some sort, I wasn’t interested in being active, so I wasn’t. I gained….and gained…. I met up with my now husband, whom I went to high school with and was motivated to start eating better.
 I did not exercise, but lost some weight. But I soon lost that drive and continued to gain and gain. I never weighed myself and I hardly ever looked in the mirror. I hated what I saw and I just preferred to pretend I was still that skinny high school kid. 
Before I knew it, I was getting married and was appalled at what I saw. We spent lots of money on wedding pictures, but I never printed a single one out or made the album that came with our package. We started deciding to have a kiddo, so I was motivated to start exercising and losing weight. I finally stepped on a scale and was over 200 pounds, almost 100 pounds heavier than high school. I lost about 20 before becoming pregnant but then started “eating for two”. It seemed like it was a never ending cycle of yo-yo dieting. I never learned what I was really supposed to do.
It wasn’t until my daughter was 2 that I decided that enough was enough. I joined a Biggest Loser competition at my gym and got a trainer. The accountability (and competition) was really helping me. But being a full time 2nd grade teacher and a mother of a 2 year old, made it VERY hard. 
I was away all day, being teacher and mommy to 23 other people’s children and I was having lots of mommy guilt about leaving her to go to the gym. 
 That’s when I decided to join a Beachbody challenge group with Vicki. I started doing Turbo Fire along with my occasional training session with my trainer. The cardio of TurboFire and learning how to lift weights and eat correctly with my trainer started not only changing my body, but also changing my mind. 
I stopped sabotaging my efforts by quieting my brain from making me eat late at night. I became accountable by checking in with my trainer and checking in with my challenge groups. 
I learned that I didn’t need to be in competition with other people, just myself. I eventually lost 60 pounds. I decided to become a coach myself, since I had so many different people coming to me for advice. It was a natural fit for me because I have been there, I love helping others and I want to be part of ending the trend of obesity. 
I now don’t mind looking at myself in the mirror. I can actually shop at “normal” stores for clothes. I even find myself flexing in the mirror when I pass by (when no one is watching). But best of all, I am spreading a healthy lifestyle to those around me. 
I now have people tell me that during Friday treat day, they picked something up healthy because they thought of me. My daughter loves to exercise with me and loves eating her fruits and vegetables. I feel proud that I can be that good influence to others. 
While my journey is not over, I can be proud of my journey thus far. I know I worked hard, overcame many obstacles and my hard work is showing. I can’t wait to see where the next year will take me! :)”

So head on over to Pam’s Page and let her know what an amazing job and inspiration she is!!!

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