So as you all know, I came into Beachbody doing the Turbo Fire 90 day Challenge.
It was amazing, to say the least. I have had so many ladies come to me lately asking me about it and what they can do to start. 
So I am here to blog today about all the awesomeness that TF has to offer!!!
OK so first of all, Chalene Johnson is wonderful! She is so motivating and sweet and goofy, it just seems so natural for her to be doing what she is doing, which was great for me! It seemed like anytime I started getting tired, or wanted to stop, she would shout “Come on, You’re not tired” like she was actually talking to me, which made me work harder!
Also, another big thing is when they were moving the cameras around to the class, you see women with stretch marks on their bellys, which made me happy, since Gage decided to leave a marking on my body that said “Hey, I was here and that’s that” so It’s just nice to see fit women, who have the same thing, even though they were barley noticeable, it was just nice to see. It just might be me tho 😉
Ok, here comes the big reasons why TF was so FREAKING AMAZING!!!!
I have never EVER done a workout where it seemed like the fat just melted off my body. It was crazy how quickly I seen results! I am not even kidding, my muffin top was seriously minimal within 30 days, THAT IS CRAZY! I cannot believe everything that stuck out on my body that I was unhappy with, is gone! Not just the muffin, but the part of your elbow at the top, when your arm is straight and you kinda get a fat bulge, yep that’s gone, my chubby cheeks, yep those are gone, my big arms, and my kankles, yep those too. My thighs and calves are smaller, arms are smaller, I have so much definition in my core and my back, this workout was worth every penny and every minute!
I am not kidding, if you have the want for your body to change, do a Turbo Fire Challenge! You will be in AWE of how quickly you see results, you will think you are nuts!
day 1

day 30
day 60
day 90
if you wanna find out how you can join a Turbo Fire Challenge, just ask 🙂

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  1. I am totally interested and would like more information! Can’t really afford a lot for a program though. How much does this one run and where/when are the classes?

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