It’s HAMMER (& chisel) TIME!


Pardon my corny title but come on! Who doesn’t love an old 90’s flashback right? 🙂 Anyways, on to BIGGER and BETTER things, literally! So this new program, Hammer & Chisel  just launched and of course I ORDERED IT!!! It’s a total game changer, for those of use who have been working out and lifting but […] Read more…

What’s going on in March?


I wanted to give you all a HEADS UP and let you know what the dealios are that launched this month! I try not to put them all on blast but I also don’t want to keep them from you so I will give you a bit of info about what is happenin’!!! I am […] Read more…

My 3 Day Refresh Results 10/23/1014


So it’s football season. And I went on a vaca to Arizona. And it was my birthday. And and and….  Moral of that story, I have gained 11lbs in ONE MONTH from eating out, too much pizza, fro yo, angry orchards and well I hate to say this one… but even too much bacon! I […] Read more…

Leg Day


This about sums it up HAHAHA! Today was my first Body Beast Leg workout and holy smokes….  Let’s just say it was hard walking up the stairs afterwards  🙂 I may have asked my husband to carry me up the stairs! These are my legs… I have NEVER had calf definition… EVER oh and something […] Read more…

The Greatness of Turbo Fire


So as you all know, I came into Beachbody doing the Turbo Fire 90 day Challenge. It was amazing, to say the least. I have had so many ladies come to me lately asking me about it and what they can do to start.  So I am here to blog today about all the awesomeness […] Read more…

Day 4


I just finished today’s Turbo Fire work out!!! I am getting better at the choreography each day! It still kicks my a@@ though, which is how it should be! Right?Ok so if you know me, you know I am goofing, and most importantly, you know how much I love the 80’s. Well to jazz up […] Read more…

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