So over the past weekend, I was a part of an incredible opportunity with Beachbody, as I attended a Leadership Retreat in Coronado, California!

First off, can I just say it was ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! The sunshine, the ocean, the white sandy beaches, it was all to die for!

My boyfriend treated us to a convertible BMW, I know it has numbers associated with the model… but I am not a beamer girl, so I will just call it our little hot rod! (As I am sitting here typing, he is looking over my shoulder and quickly corrected me…. 428i…. such a guy ;))

Anyhow, during the last few days, we were able to join the Live Core De Force with the trainers themselves, Joel Freeman and Jericho McMatthews.


Can I just tell you that this program is EXACTLY what I have been needing.

This is going to be a program that is going to help change so many lives!


While Michael (My boyfriend) and I were in the Pavillon, among 350 other coaches, we were throwing jabs and hooks, back kicks and high knees, battling our way to the finish line. All I kept thinking, is how this program brought out the fight in me. This program made me remember that everyday is a fight, everyday we can choose to let it defeat us or we can choose to fight like hell and make the best of it.

Much like our journey.

Going into the workout, I thought it was just going to be a Mixed Martial Arts style workout, that was going to make me sweat. What I didn’t know, is all the emotional connection that was going to be involved. Even Michael told me after our first workout, that it was an emotional release for him.

Not a lot of workouts out there, do that for you.

That’s why I think this is not only going to help you shred the unwanted fat off our bodies, help us become stronger, not only on the outside, but on the inside as well!

It’s a 30 day program, the workouts range from 30 – 45 minutes a day, which even the busiest of moms, could find time to fit this in, because in the end, if we cannot take care of ourselves and be our best selves, then we cannot give to our loved ones, what we do not have within us.

I wanna also take a minute and share 2 of my fellow Misfits results from the original test group for Core De Force, both are Moms, both who have always put everyone else first, and both who crushed it with this program!


Jenni lost 13.8 pounds and 18 inches totally in 2 rounds!

Nicole just worked everyday in her journey and she didn’t care what the scale or measurement tape read, what matter s how she felt, and you can tell she had an incredible transformation!


Now something super exciting, tomorrow Oct 24th, there is a Sneak Peek on Beachbody On Demand!!!

Try a workout from the mixed martial arts–inspired total body program before Challenge Packs launch on October 31st (by end of day). AND for every stream of the CORE DE FORCE sneak peek on Beachbody On Demand on October 24th,

The Beachbody Foundation will donate $10 (up to $250,000) to Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. Get your sweat on and help an incredible cause.

If you want to try it out for yourself, go to (US)

or (CA)

to get a 30 day trail of On Demand where you not only can try this workout out for yourself, but you can test other workouts, and stream the Fixate Healthy Cooking Show!

And did I mention…

Monday, Nov 7th, I am hosting my 1st FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE Core De Force Test Group! Where we will all be doing Core De Force and we will also be working on the inside changes as well as the outside, so we can make that complete transformation!

If you want more info, try the sneak peek and want to be a part of this group or you have any questions, please email me [email protected] and I can help!

Hope to hear from you soon!