So I realize that I love to share about things I love! I do it naturally, all the time, whether it’s fitness programs, Shakeology, fitness studios, recipes, etc… well I was thinking that maybe I should start sharing my favorite products with you guys!

So this week, I have decided to share 2 products, that I absolutely love, and they both are environmentally

So if you are like me, fresh produce comes in mass amounts at your house. When you go to the store or produce stand, you get multiple items of produce, fruist, veggies, what have you. Well I would go home with about 20 plastic bags from all my produce, well me switching to bringing my own grocery bags helped, but not when I was still using all those produce bags.

Well one day when I was at my local grocery store, I noticed that they had these super cool mesh produce bags that you can reuse!

I have found these at Fred Meyer’s so far in packs of 3 for about 7.99
or I also found some on Amazon HERE

My second favorite products, are from Norwex! Now I have heard about these products through my girlfriend Jenn, since her sister sales these and she was in love! But I finally found our first hand about Norwex and how awesome these products are!!!

I ended up ordering The Enviro Cloth, The Polishing Cloth and The Dusting Mit. You clean with just water! No chemicals, no odors, all safe for the environment and your family! I purchased all 3 of these for under $50. No that’s going to save me a ton of money in the long run, since i will not have to buy Windex, Pledge, Scrubbing Bubbles, Lysol, extra! LOVE LOVE LOVE THESE!!!

Well there you go, 2 of my favo

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