It’s Monday, so this is where I need to dope you all up with some intense motivation, right?


Do you realize that no one can give you motivation?

Motivation is already inside of you and no one else is in charge of whether you are filled with it or not, just like happiness, it’s an inside job.

But what I can do, is help you find that motivation!

When you are lacking motivation, you don’t have the will power to do anything, to move forward, to change, why is that?

Why is it that we get so set in our ways, even though it makes us unhappy?

We say we want change, but actually creating action seems like such a tough job, so we end up not doing it, just wishing, and hoping that something will happen, without us making the change within ourselves!

I once told myself so many times that I wanted certain things in my life to change, and for every time I told myself I wanted to change, i am certain that I gave myself the double amount of excuses WHY i couldn’t make that change…


How did we become these women who settle for an unhappy or unhealthy life?

We give our absolute EVERYTHING to everyone else, without a single thought, but when it comes to our own personal and well being, that goes on the back burner.

What we need to start doing, is taking care of ourselves and realizing that we are worth it, and if we aren’t taking care of ourselves and becoming our best selves, then we cannot give our best selves to anyone that we love.

So this is how you find your motivation…

Are you ready?

You have to look deep in your heart, listen to what it is that you really want, and why is it that you want it. Make difference would it make in your life once you achieved these?

Get really detailed about it, and don’t feel selfish at all, if anything YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO BE AS SELFISH AS YOU WANT WITH THESE!

Now write it down, write down everything that you want. Then write down all the actions steps that you need to take to get there, and take it one step at a time.

And above all…

remember your worth!!!