Motivational Monday!Never ever, in a billion years, or at least as long as I have been around, would I have ever imagined that I would have abs.

Now I say this coming from someone who never ever made myself a priority, my health was the last thing I cared about, and I surely didn’t want to put in blood, sweat and tears to get some place that I only thought was the impossible.
But what I learned along this crazy ass journey of mine, is no matyer what goal you reach, whether its getting into Onederland, getting off of medication, being able to do pushups on your toes, or fitting into an old pair of jeans, you make sure you fucking celebrate every damn moment.

Don’t let one acheivement go unnoticed. Celebrate all your successes and keep on making progress!

Cause I tell you what, I sure the hell am celebrating the fact that I am getting abs.
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  1. Love that saying above…live isn’t about finding yourself it’s about creating yourself! 🙂

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