Pardon my corny title but come on! Who doesn’t love an old 90’s flashback right? 🙂

Anyways, on to BIGGER and BETTER things, literally!


So this new program, Hammer & Chisel  just launched and of course I ORDERED IT!!! It’s a total game changer, for those of use who have been working out and lifting but wanting something more.

I like to think just because we are going to have to be all bundled up, freezing our asses off this winter, in hoodies, sweats, and leggings, doesn’t mean we can’t be covering a rock hard body, right? I know all about waiting until New Year to get going towards my goals, but this year I AM NOT WAITING! I wanna go in to 2016 with abs!!!


So lemme show off some of the test participants before and afters… I mean they truly are PHENOMENAL!!!!


Sarah just had a baby not too long before starting this program and she no longer looks like a new mom anymore, right?? An that is just one round!

And I know I talk more about women (well that’s who I enjoy working with) but for any of you ladies who wanna workout with you man too, check this guys results out…



Anyhow… well let me break it this program down in laymen terms, or well shit that I understand haha

This is a 60 day program, designed to help you get sexy and sleek muscles. There are 3 different breakdowns of the program that help with stabilizing, strength and then power and you use different types of resistance for each.

The provided meal plan is ON POINT! Like with all of us who could have amazing results with our workouts, but only if our nutrition was on point! You get the color coded portion control system to where you can follow based on if you want to maintain your current results, lean out (which I am choosing to do) or if you want to build muscle!


Busted out Hammer and Chisel this morning!All I can say is Oy Vey!!!

Posted by Fit With Vicki on Saturday, December 5, 2015

If you want to join me and this program, let me know, we can bring in the new year together with abs and shit 😉 Otherwise I will be sharing my journey starting Dec 14th on my Facebook and Instagram… but trust me… in 2 months, you will wish you had joined me!!! 🙂