Here it is, the end of my first round of Core De Force! Has it really been 30 days already?

It’s weird to me, I am not even gonna lie to kick it, but I actually made it ALL THE WAY through a program, without skipping a workout, having to start over, or switching to something else. I DID IT!

The weird thing is, I got results!!! Who knew that these programs were designed to get you results if you actually followed them (insert eye-roll) haha!

So I am not going to vomit all over you about how amazing this program is, how bad ass it makes you feel, how strong you will become (inside and out) or just how freaking fun it is, nope, I am not gonna do that!

My job isn’t to convince you to take your life into your own hands, to finally fight for what you want, to take control and go after how you want to achieve, nope that’s not my job, that’s your job!

All I can do is share with you what I did, how I did it, and how it didn’t take a mad scientist to figure it all out.

So now that we both know that the convincing is out the window, let me SHOW you what I am talking about!

So when I started on day 1, I was struggling. Struggling with health issues that I had been dealing with, struggling emotionally with what life has been throwing at me lately, and I was half-assing my nutrition, my workouts, my lively-hood.


That was me… the rawest, most uncomfortable pose I can do because it shows every area of my body that I don’t like the most!


As you can see, I wasn’t treating myself the best! I let stress and emotions get to me unfortunately and a lot of time I turn to food to numb the pain, and often it’s not food that is good for me, so that basically becomes a lose, lose.

Once I started this program, I instantly felt like a beast! Like a sexy, strong, driven, unstoppable beast!

I honestly felt like I could conquer whatever life threw at me, although I still had my moments where I struggled, it was no where near what it used to be. And guess what?

I kept going!

And when I kept going, this is what happened…


I sweated!


I worked out even when i didn’t want to.


I got my girlfriends involved!


I competed with my man!


I sweated some more!


I became strong!



Now on day 30, I wasn’t too sure what my after photos were going to look like, I did go a little lax on my nutrition the last week, I am not gonna lie. So I was honestly nervous.

But I share the good, the bad and the ugly with everyone and if my after photos looked worse than my before, then so be it, I was going to share it regardless!




A back side that I could be DAMN PROUD OF!!!

So if you compared my day one to my day 30…. this is what you will get…

A mom, who struggled with self worth, struggled with emotional eating, let things stand in her way from going after what she wanted, health issues that detoured her from feeling good in her own body…

to a mom, who LOVES who she has became, a physically and mentally stronger woman, who knows her self worth, who will keep fighting for what she wants and will not give up, she has tasted what it’s like to be great, so she is done with being mediocre!

And guess what…. I am just getting started!!!

Sidenote and to me the least important:

I lose 7 inches and 12.5lbs 🙂


Now if you are ready to fight for your life, you want to join me or you just need support, don’t be afraid to reach out!

You can find me on Facebook on Instagram or you can email me at [email protected]

Talk to you soon!!