OMG Girl, I am such a spazz when it comes to pizza, and I KNOW that when you have hypothyroid you need to avoid gluten at ALL COSTS! And I do a damn good job of it…. EXCEPT FOR WHEN IT COMES TO PIZZA!

And you know what, I love pizza so much, that I suffer the consequences and it kills me for at least 24 hours!!

Why do we do that to ourselves???

So I have been on the lookout for Gluten Free Pizzas, that are delicious…. obviously!

I will be honest, I haven’t had a chance to try zucchini crust or cauli crust (be careful thyroid fighters with your cauliflower intake too) yet but I wanted something quick and easy, since i am a single mom, I don’t have time to slave in the kitchen all day, nor do I really want to! HA!

So my girlfriend told me about Against the Grain frozen pizza with pesto sauce and adding toppings to it!


So here you go…. grab yourself some gluten free pizza (I found at safeway)

13718015_10209877741251227_1867780007_o So i got this bad boy! I am a carnivore so of course I wanted meat on my pizza, I was going to do grilled chicken (which be easy if you had leftovers) but again… I wanted easy. SO instead I grabbed some Ground Turkey and seasoned it with Italian seasoning and garlic and browned until fully cooked.


I set that in a bowl after I was done, and set aside.

Then I through some veggies together, red pepper, red onion, artichoke hearts and olives and drizzled olive oil on them and sprinkled oregano and let it marinate for a bit.


Let the veggies marinate while the oven is preheating.

Then top the pizza with toppings and follow baking directions!

Take out, let cool, slice… and enjoy!


For all my 21 day Fixers:

1 slice is 1 yellow, .5 red, 1 green and 1 blue