Heidi is currently running 5k’s now!!!!

“Growing up I was always a big girl. I remember in the forth grade one of my classmates asking me what I weighed. I was only 10 years old weighing 110 lbs. I had very few friends and the ones I did have I was still shy with and kinda kept to myself.

As I got older I went thru a stage where I stopped eating and when I did eat, it was only a slice of bread. I didn’t want to be the fat girl. By the end of 6th grade I was wearing a size 3, but still wasn’t happy.

As the years went on I started gaining weight again and I remember when I graduated high school i weighed in at 180 lbs. Wearing size 14/16 jeans. Being only 5’5″, that’s a lot.

 Four years later I got married and had kids reaching my all time high at 234 lbs. Every time I said I was going to lose weight I failed. My husband would tell me I didn’t need to cuz I looked great the way I was. I was miserable in my own body. I wouldn’t go anywhere, I was too tired to play with my kids, we never had family pictures done… shortly after my youngest son turned 2 my husband and I separated.

I was even more devastated now… who would ever love me or want to be seen with a fatty. In 2006 I joined Weight Watchers and lost 30 lbs in 3 months without having to workout. I was so excited. I was back into a size 14 and I started feeling good about myself. That however was short lived. Started gaining weight yet again…I tried Slim Fast but I didn’t like the flavor or how chalky the shakes were. Tried some T-lite pills OTC which guaranteed that you would lose 10 lbs in 3 days.. it worked but I wasn’t eating hardly anything and was always starving.

 I started walking with a friend of mine on a daily basis and only eating half size portions of food and started losing weight again. I was getting more energy and was able to keep up with my kids for the first time.  I was down to 165 lbs wearing a 10/12. This was amazing… though I still wanted to lose more I was getting comfortable with myself. I had met a new man and was starting a newer, healthier lifestyles.

As the next year or two had passed I slowly started packing on the weight. We were both happy so I didn’t really pay any attention to my weight gain. After my daughter was born (10 years after my youngest son) I was on my own again.

Looking at pictures from that last Christmas, seeing how I had let myself go back into those bad habits I said to myself, ‘not again, not this time, for once i’m going to put myself first’. I started working out to tv workouts and eating only what my kids couldn’t finish off their plates. The weight was falling off but only a little bit. There had to be an easier, healthier way…

In February 2012 a friend of mine had posted on FB about wanting to know who wanted to make a change. I thought to myself.. me…me..I do. I decided to message her. Sure enough it was for weight loss. After thinking about it for a week I decided to go for it.

 I made my first Team Beachbody purchase of Slim in 6 and I couldn’t wait to get started. When my shipment arrived 2 days earlier than promised I was psyched. I opened up the box and wanted to start right away. That following Monday was it! I took my measurements and my before picture that morning. Did my first workout and I have to admit, I thought to myself, ‘what am I doing? This is hard work.’ I drank my first Tropical Shakeology thinking it was ok but didn’t know what the hype was all about. As the day went on I noticed I wasn’t as hungry at lunchtime as I normally was. Only ate half my meal. Same with dinner… I had signed up for the Beachbody VIP so I was able to use their meal plans and learned about portion sizes and was feeling great.

 After only a few days I noticed my headaches and anxiety started to go away. It had to have been the Shakeology and the change in my eating…. I did my workout everyday for the six weeks that the program was and in those six weeks I had lost an amazing 27 lbs and 17 inches. I was at my lowest weight ever, 153 lbs. I was getting complements left and right. People asking me what I was doing. I felt great. I decided I’d try another program to build some muscle.

I went with Chalene Extreme and not only did my arms and legs start to look more toned I lost an additional 10 lbs. I had finally found what I was doing wrong all those past years. Beachbody has made a completely different person out of me. I have reached my goal weight of 130 lbs and have maintained it for the past few months.

this was Heidi’s before and after from the Ultimate Reset, no working out for 21 days. Now weighs 129.6lbs

 Mind you maintaining and losing are so different. In fact it’s harder to keep the weight off. But I’m not about to fall back into the bad days. I’m not going to say it was an easy journey because it was definitely challenging. I learned that if you want something bad enough, in my case to get healthy, you have to work HARD for it and all that hard work will pay off.”

the beautiful Heidi today!!!

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