Today’s transformation story is of Haley! I met Haley a couple years ago, I had the opportunity to photograph her and her beautiful boys (before the sweet Natalie was born). Now they live down south and I am lucky enough to have facebook so I can watch her adorable kids grow 🙂

“Well I have always been a tall thin girl but after my first baby in 2008 I just ate and ate and well ate!!!

I assumed that bc I was a very active and in shape and in good health that I would have no problem losing the wait that I put on. Well that never happened and on too of that I got pregnant again.

So I just kept adding weight on top of weight. Which was very depressing for me especially since I had a closet of clothes that I desperately wanted to fit in.

So after having my second child I thought ok no more…….I’m going to do this, I’m going to lose the weight and get back to my “normal” self. And I started on my path back to feel like me again but it never happened. I just got comfortable with the way I was.

 I ate unhealthy bc I just there was no end in sight or hope that I would ever get into shape. I have tried all things from bulimia to those crazy HcG droplets……but that was all short fixes to a big problem.

During my 3rd pregnancy we took family pictures and even though the pictures were beautiful and we had a fantastic photographer, I myself felt hideous in those pictures and I felt overwhelmed with depression and didn’t know what to do!!!

We then went through hardships and went without a job for months. Ben and I were separated bc of this hardships and I took the kids to Louisiana where I helped my mom run her bakery just to make some money. And it’s a bakery so it was tons of eating sweets and unhealthy meals and late nights.

 It was terribly hard but things worked out. One day Ben got fed up with him being so overweight and out of shape he started doing Insanity but I just watched and for months I watched as be started to transform his lifestyle. I felt like I was being left behind but I didn’t know where to start.

 One day on FB I saw Vicki say who was up for the challenge to get healthy and in shape. And I said I was!!!

She became my coach asked me some questions and we determined that TurboFire was right for me!! From the first day I received it I was PUMPED, I was ready!!!

 I had my struggles bc at first I felt like I should’ve been losing more that I should be seeing more results but I didn’t stop. I decide to change everyone’s lifestyle in the home as far as health and eating and through plenty of tears and sweat I have went from 245lbs to now 190lbs……

I am 20lbs away from my goal weight and I did it through plenty of motivation from my husband, Vicki, my kids, friends and family.

I am looking good and feeling good AND TurboFire was my start and it helped me gain my confidence back and my self worth.”

Haley Patterson

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