OK so I took a few days off from blogging, but I did not take any time off from my turbo fire or my shakeology. I had a crazy weekend! It was my first weekend having to do my home exercise in front of Shane, since he has the weekends off. I like doing them by myself cause then I can focus and not worry how I look or if my pants are riding or needing to adjust anything (same goes for working out at the gym actually). But being the good dad that Shane is, he took Gage to the children’s museum on Sat so I could do my workout and then I did my Sunday  routine before anyone woke up 😀 I also had a photo shoot on sat, which was my first one that involved nudity, so I had to mentally prepare myself so I strayed away from the computer for the weekend. Plus we got new kitchen appliances and that was stressful!!!

Oh yeah, so I weighed myself Sunday morning…. 169.8! Excuse my future cuss word but HOLY SHIT!!! This means I am in the 160’s…. not by much BUT I STILL AM!!! DO you know the last time I was in the 160’s??? High school I am guessing! This is HUGE!!! SO that means 1.2 pounds away from losing 100 pounds!!! WOO WHOO!
But I am not getting excited just yet 😀

OK so I am done for today!!!

Are you wanting to join me yet??? I think you should 😀