I just finished today’s Turbo Fire work out!!! I am getting better at the choreography each day! It still kicks my [email protected]@ though, which is how it should be! Right?
Ok so if you know me, you know I am goofing, and most importantly, you know how much I love the 80’s. Well to jazz up today’s workout…. I dressed up 😀

notice the nice socks and side pony haha

ok so this one is gonna be short and sweet since my darling son decided he only needed a short nap today, good thing I already got my workout in tho.
So I am still on track, haven’t struggle anyway, except I am dying to step on that damn scale! It is seriously driving me insane!

OK so I posted a before pic, now this my pic after my workout

look at that  sweat!!!

nice huh! haha