So yesterday was pretty tough, only because I went shopping with a girlfriend of mine, and it is our tradition to have Blazing Onion whenever we go to the mall…. we are both doing this cleanse. We both had our shakes. We both were still craving those tasty yummy burgers! SNAP OUT OF IT! Ok I am getting side tracked, anyway so we were good, we left the mall, empty bellied but definitely not empty handed 😀

Last night was my sister in law’s birthday dinner, they made homemade pizza. YUM! I thought I couldn’t do it, I would be rude not eating dinner, right? But then I thought, that isn’t being rude, it is helping me get to my goal and stay on track. SO I opted for salad, without dressing since there was only ranch. RANCH IS MY FAVORITE, MIND YOU! So eating a bunch of lettuce with veggies, well, it was ok! 😀 Oh and we left before cake was served Big bonus…. this girl LOVES CAKE 😀

OK, so I wake up this morning, made me a cup of green tea, cleaned the  kitchen, snuggled with my son, and noticed, I am not craving coffee. This is new 🙂 I just went to jump in the shower and once again that damn scale looked me in the eye and said ” You know you wanna stand on me”…. which I did…..

What did it say?



If I can do this, anyone can do this!!!!

I am excited to start my Turbo Fire tomorrow!!!!