So this morning I woke up, and started to make my coffee. Realizing that I shouldn’t be drinking coffee, but knowing that I am going to have this awful headache if I don’t drink it. But then I thought, well I could drink it without creamer, like you can. But THEN, I really thought about it and said “I won’t drink it at all”. Think about it, it might be hell for my family for the next week, but if I could wean myself off coffee, that would be great. And what better day to start, than TODAY!!!

so it is 10am and so far I don’t wanna kill myself 😀 I drank a cup of green tea, 32 oz of water, my greenberry shakology for breakfast, then had more water, and just ate an apple.

I am doing good! Proud of myself so far! I am excited to continue and excited for my 30 day picture!!!