I want to take a minute and introduce my amazing coach and dear friend, Cindy Adkinson! She just completed her first round of Country Heat and I wanted to share her amazing review and progress she had with the program!



To think I *almost* didn’t do this program. I had so many doubts about it… I don’t like country music. I don’t like line dancing. This is too easy to be effective.

This is too FUN to be effective. I wanna lift heavy weights every day. Those were MY doubts…maybe you have had some of the same? Well…I did it.

30 days of Country Heat and it was so dang fun I didn’t miss a single workout – and as you can see…my body basically said “shut the eff up girl” to the doubts my mind had.

The proof is in the pics people! This silly country line dancing workout WORKS! *side note…sorry fellas…I also happen to be on my lady time right now too and am super bloated…but I knew ya’ll were waiting for pics!*

So…I am on to ROUND 2 starting today!

I am adding in the additional bonus workouts this round and following the 30 day deluxe calendar.

Here are my OFFICIAL numbers!

Weight: – 6.6lbs

Chest/Back: -.5 inches

R arm: -.5 inches

L arm: – .75 inches

Waist/Tummy – 5.25 inches!

Hips: -.75 inches

R Leg: – 1.75 inches

L Leg: – 1 inch

10.5 inches lost in 30 days!

If you have any questions about this program, email me at info@wskaar.com