Now recently I have discovered what comes easy for me, may not be easy for others. I will be the first to tell you that certain things you put in your body right now, are hard to give up. I love convenience, especially when you have a family and you work 40+ hours a week, so it wasn’t uncommon to have Taco Bell or Pizza at least once a week. (As I typed that I got really grossed out fyi) I also was a BIG Diet Dr. Pepper drinker. I wasn’t as big of a soda drinker as some, the max I would do is once or twice a day, but even that was too much.

Well times have changed, our lifestyle as a whole has changed. Everyday we are getting better and it is getting easier. Now I am going to share some tips, that I believe are important for your health and your families. I am not telling you that you have to do as a say, but do your own research if you don’t like what I have to say, you will see 🙂

1. Since I like convenience, and having everything there ready to be made, I make out our weekly menu on Sunday, I make a list of everything that I will need, go grocery shopping, and then it’s all there, ready for me to throw it together. (Guess what, you will save money this way too)

2. CROCK POT! I love using the crock pot, especially when I am busy all day and in the evening, at least my boys will get something hot and healthy to eat! I like trying recipes from Skinny Crock Pot or sometimes I even just do my own. You can always switch certain things to make a meal healthier too.

3. I could never EVER give up Carbs…. EVER!!! So what I have done, is switched to 100% WHOLE GRAIN. Breads and Pastas! Make sure it is 100%, there are some that says 51% or what have you.

4. Replace your soda, even if it’s diet. I cannot say how important this is. I honestly know it is easier said than done, but try your hardest! I  have a girlfriend that would drink numerous diet cokes a day, and guess what, I do believe she is down to one a week. If you think water is too boring, add lemon, cucumber, or even berries!

5. CUT OUT ALL FAST FOOD! This stuff is so bad for you! I went to Qdoba about 2 months ago (used to be my favorite), they changed the menu, added calories to everything. So as I am ordering my regular chicken queso burrito, I am reading that this one burrito is…. are you ready for this…. 1200 calories. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME? BARF! So let me tell you that was the last time. It’s not just the calories, it’s the sodium and the lack of nutrition that your body is craving! Do it a favor, and fuel it with food that it needs!

6. I was a BIG TIME snacker! If I stayed up late, I snacked! Well now I have a cut off time. Your cut off time should be at least 3 hours before you go to bed. I do not eat past 6pm. I make sure that dinner is on the table at 5:30 every night, that way we have 30min to eat. And that’s that!

7. CUT OUT ENERGY DRINKS! Another things that is easier said than done. I, personally have never been a fan, since all the bad things I have heard about them, and the fact that they kick you in to high gear and then you drop like a sack of potatoes, that is probably why people have more than 1 a day. They are full of useless calories, sugar and things that could harm your body in the long run. If your body is craving energy (I say drink Shakeology, of course) or exercise. I am not kidding you, you will get energy from your exercise. EASY PEASY!

So as of right now, those are my top tips, and like I said, you don’t have to follow them, but I do, and it’s really benefited me and my family! Now if you do chose to follow, let me know how you feel a day later, a week later, even a month later! I would love to know!!

I would also love to hear any of your tips, so please comment below if you have any to add!!!

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