Oh Shakeology, how do I love thee!!! 🙂

This stuff is no joke! I mean honestly I have never been a protein drink type of girl, I never thought that you could drink something in one sitting that could give you and your body so many benefits.

Well when I tried it, I was hooked! I have all 3 flavors, and I have a favorite recipe for each flavor. (If you wanna know my favorites, you gotta ask ;))
 This stuff was not only tasty and filling, the benefits that I received were amazing!

Now I took this straight from the website itself:
In a 90-day research study, we replaced one meal per day with Shakeology
and saw major improvements in the health of the group.*

By the end of week 1
Improved digestion and regularity
Reduced cravings
By the end of week 4
Increased energy and stamina
Lost weight
Improved mental clarity
By the end of week 12
Lost, on average, 10 pounds and 2 inches off waist
Reduced risk of heart disease and other
degenerative diseases
Lowered cholesterol on average by 30%
and even up to 70%
Exhibited healthier skin, hair, and nails
Now this is a feminine subject FYI:
Not only did it do all those, but the combination of working out and Shakeology have made my “monthly visit” more bearable! I used to have such horrible cramps to where I had to lay in fetal position, take numerous midols, and use a heating pad, and even the combination of all 3 wouldn’t make then pain go away. Do you know now, that I haven’t had cramps in over 4 months, I have had minor ones, but nothing quite like before. And on top of that, the um….flowage…. was way lighter 🙂 Now like I said, the combo of working out and shakeology or maybe it’s even the shakeology itself, has made it pretty darn easy to get through that couple of days 🙂
Now you compare and see the difference….

Now take a look at Shakeology….

What do you think is worth the money?
Now if you have not been able to try Shakeology, and you would love to see how it benefits you, let me know and I would love to get you set up with a free sample!