First off, I would like to say, “Thank You!”, for applying to join Unstoppable MisFits and for wanting to be a part of my team! We are a group of Beachbody Coaches, aka, Coaches ~ Mentors ~ Self Love Motivators, who have a passion to help others reach their goals. Whether it’s weight loss, getting healthy or wanting to gain financial stability and comfort!

With that said, I am very selective on who I decide to bring on board to join my team. This is simply because I want individuals who will be the best fit for my team! So, how do we find out if you are the perfect fit? Begin by answering the following few questions listed below. Read over them carefully as this will help get you thinking more about what you would like to bring to Beachbody, our team and what you would like to achieve as well. Plus, your responses to the questions will help me get to know you a bit more and provide us with a more meaningful follow experience.

Take a moment before you fill out the application to hear a little more on my experience as a coach and this amazing opportunity.

Again, thank you for your interest.


Fit with VickiFit With Vicki
Coach ~ Mentor ~ Self Love Motivator

Vicki Roberts



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