About Vicki RobertsI Empower Women to Find their Inner Strength, to Become Unstoppable!

Hey there, love! I’m Vicki Roberts. I am a strong mom that has changed my life to become a good role model for my son. Yes, I love to eat, sleep and breath health and fitness. Seriously, I’ve transformed my entire life physically and financially by working hard towards achieving my goals, everyday. I love sharing in my success and helping others reach their goals and potential as well.

Here is more about myself, my life journey and how I’ve ended up where I am today being the strong, independent, unstoppable and such an amazingly blessed person. What now is many sunsets of past before I became pregnant I was already obese, not having a care in the world to care for my own body let alone my life. Of course during this time I struggled with self esteem issues, being ashamed of myself, unhappy and basically uncomfortable to be in my own body.

As the years moved on I did nothing to change and then I got pregnant. I know many women during pregnancy change their habits and routines, but not me. I continued to eat poorly, not exercising and it was a difficult struggle to go shopping or even to walk up stairs, being out of shape and out of breath. Honestly, it was dreadful until the day my son was born and well my life changed in that instance. The very moment I laid my eyes upon my new precious little son I knew I had a purpose in life. My purpose was now to take care of my son, but I asked myself, “How could I do that if I wasn’t taking care of myself?” I knew I had to change. Not just for him, but for me.

I started my health and fitness journey at 268 lbs. and just as soon as I was cleared to begin working out, I did! It was so very tough at first, Believe me when I share with you that I cried through my first workouts. They were extremely challenging and hard, my body ached and hurt, but I never stopped. I was never giving up because I was determined!

From this to this! Vicki Roberts

Now 5 years later, here I am, down 131 lbs. and extremely happy, healthy, confident, and a good strong role model for my son. My life has transformed so profoundly that I am now dedicated to helping other women feel good in their own bodies, to believe in themselves, and learn to be proud of the the hard work they are capable of doing.

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