Well I am now creating a blog, basically for myself. Not sure if I am going to share it or not. We shall see 🙂
Now, this blog is all about me getting where I want to be, physically. I started off being overweight before I got pregnant. Then, I got pregnant! I was really big! I honestly didn’t feel that big when I was pregnant, but now I look at the picture of me and I’m like “DANG”! I think I gained about 58lbs during those 9 months! Plus already being overweight, it was bad! I thought it would take me forever to lose any weight! Shane and I joined a gym when Gage was about 4 months old, I worked out 3-5 times a week and we ate pretty good! I went from being 215lbs, before getting pregnant, to 268lbs, day of birth. Then I dropped down to 180lbs and have been that weight since Sept.
We stopped going to the gym since it was pretty pricey and I lost motivation! We still continued to eat the same, and my only exercise was running around with Gage!
Lately, I have been wanting to get down more though, I want to be healthy and feel good in my own body! My friend, Jennie, turned me onto Zumba! It is so much fun, it’s almost like your just dancing and having a good time and POOF you just got a kickbutt work out! Also, Shane and I are back to the gym, a different gym, Power Alley Fitness actually! I am hoping that the 2 types of exercise will keep me on my toes and keep me from getting bored!
Another thing, my friend Sam did this 2 day body cleanse and she lost 5lbs. So I started that today, to give my body a boost! So far I have drank 1 drink (8oz of water and 1 scoop of chocolate power) and drank a ton of water! We will see how this works! I weighed myself this morning, and I will not weigh myself until my last cleansing drink…. I am curious if this will work on me or how much I can drop!

Wedding Day-about 215lbs
Valentine’s Day-about 250lbs
Day after we came home from hospital-about 268lbs
Sublime Concert-about 180lbs
4th of July-about 180lbs

My goal is to be about 150-165lbs. Wish me luck!!!

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