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So I wanted to share with you all a couple amazing things going on!! First things first.. Do you wanna go into 2017 Refreshed??? I dunno if you are like me, but the last part of this year has been filled with food, festivities and fun and I know that I could use a good […] Read more…

Workout on #FLEEK


OK so you may or may not follow me on FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM but in case you don’t, I am about to break this all down for you…. so sit tight!!! So word on the street is, there is this new workout from Beachbody called CIZE. It’s a dance workout, hip hop if you will, to new music, the […] Read more…

Motivational Monday!


Motivational Monday!Never ever, in a billion years, or at least as long as I have been around, would I have ever imagined that I would have abs. Now I say this coming from someone who never ever made myself a priority, my health was the last thing I cared about, and I surely didn’t want […] Read more…

Alyson loses 11lbs in 3 weeks!


HUGE SHOUT OUT to my girl, Alyson! She just got done rocking the 21 Day fix and lost 11lbs and 8.75″ in 3 weeks!!! Not too mention how good she feels now!I am so proud of her, not only for kicking so much ass in this program but for sharing her results for the first […] Read more…

Transformation Tuesday!


Transformation Tuesday!Today I share a transformation between 2 gals, who just simple met through an amazing opportunity that has completely changed both of theirs lives forever. This ia my girl @missfitaddiction and I! Its funny how you can connect with someone via social media, form this amazing bond and start building a dream together. We […] Read more…

My 3 Day Refresh Results 10/23/1014


So it’s football season. And I went on a vaca to Arizona. And it was my birthday. And and and….  Moral of that story, I have gained 11lbs in ONE MONTH from eating out, too much pizza, fro yo, angry orchards and well I hate to say this one… but even too much bacon! I […] Read more…

Haley’s Transformation Story!


Today’s transformation story is of Haley! I met Haley a couple years ago, I had the opportunity to photograph her and her beautiful boys (before the sweet Natalie was born). Now they live down south and I am lucky enough to have facebook so I can watch her adorable kids grow 🙂 “Well I have […] Read more…

Transformation Tuesday-Kimberly


“I was always “medium” weight growing up, muscular but never any extra fat. And then college happened… I went from 128 to 155 in my first semester and over the next 7 years i gained another 20lbs … and lost 20 and gained 20 and lost 20… blah blah. And then I got pregnant. And […] Read more…

Commiting to Something Great!


So even though I am still doing Body Beast, my crazy lifting  program 🙂  I ahve decided to do something new, something I never thought I would do before, when I am doing with the beast.  I have decided to do The Ultimate Reset. It’s a 21 day program that totally cleanses you, and releases […] Read more…

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