ok, so I am still on the first day of this cleanse and it is bruttle! All I can think about is snacking on nachos or cookies or for some reason I am wanting Wendy’s, which I never EVER eat there!
I was hungry earlier, then I had another 8oz of my cleansing shake, and I was fine!

That was at noon, now it is 2:30pm and I feel like I am gonna eat the leg right off my dog, okay maybe not that bad!
So, during this cleanse you are suppose to take it easy and not work out much! But tonight I am going to Zumba at Studio Phoenix, so I am hoping that I will not faint or pass out or become ill in any way shape or form!

Studio Phoenix

I am hoping that I lose something, cause if this starving myself turns out to be worthless…. I will probably eat myself into a coma! 🙂

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