So it’s coming up on the big day where people who have a significant other either gorg on food, spend money on jewerly, dates, yadda yadda yadda or if you are single, you get yoru friends together and you hit up the town, eating, and drinking, celebrating your single life! Or maybe, if you were like me when I was single, sitting in front of the tv with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s watching The Notebook!


Either way, how about mixing it up this year, doing something active, fun and exciting??

Whether you have someone to drag along, a group of friends you wanna get together or maybe you just wanna go solo and recenter yourself, these 8 ideas will be fun no matter who you choose to spend the day with!

1. Sign up to run a Valentine’s Day Race (optional, DRESS UP IN VALENTINES DAY ATTIRE)
2. Attend a sporting event (Basketball or Baseball is going on and are always fun)
3. Do a cooking class! Learn different ways to eat healthy or incorpoate differnt dishes
4. If you live somewhere cold, go snowshoeing! Live someeher warm, go hiking! Either way, GET OUTSIDE!
5. Also for cold climate, innertubing and sledding is a blast!!!
6. Stay indoors and go bowling or better yet, HOT YOGA!!!
7. Warm climate, get in the water for some kayaking or stand up paddle boarding
8. Volunteer at an Animal Shelter, Humane Society, give love to those who don’t receive it everyday, be careful…. you may be bringing a new friend home tho 🙂

Now figure out what you are going to do and whatever you decide, HAVE FUN!


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