So here I am, after months of chaos which meant my blog baby has been put on the back burner… as sad as that may be, it’s true. I have had so much going on and after finally being settled, I can get back to blogging and catching up with all of you amazing ladies!

Now to catch you up on what has been the happening in the last 6 months. So one of the biggest and most amazing things happened, I was across the country in NOLA for a Beachbody event and my boyfriend flew from Seattle, to surprise me with something…. Watch the video to see

So after that, shit got real 😀 I ended up fixing up my house to sell it, put it on the market and moved my son, my Boston Terrier and me into his condo! We went from a 2,000 sqft home to about a 800 sqft home. But we made it work! Gage transferred schools, which was tough on him, but then just as he was settling in, we bought a home. During the closing period, Gage was diagnosed with Scoliosis, but it’s pretty rare, his spine curves to the left at a 40 degree angle and he might also have Neurofibromatosis, but we will be in and out of apps for that which are pushed out until April until the end of the year…. for now, he is rocking a new accessory 🙂

He has done a great job wearing it, even sleeping in it hasn’t been as bad as I thought it was going to be. I need to have more faith in what he is able to handle, he is a good, strong kiddo!

Then we closed on our house Dec 15th!!

We moved in right before Christmas, so the holiday was a little chaotic, and exhausting. I took 2 weeks off from my workouts and from eating clean and boy was I feeling it… wasn’t exactly what I had planned for the end of the year. But we were focusing on making the house a home and putting everything together.

Gage had to change schools again, which ended up working out better than we had thought. WE LOVE his new school, the teachers, the kids, everything about it! He already has a best friend and a buddy next door! It worked out perfectly!

Oh yeah… we also added to our family! No, we didn’t have a baby! But we now have another fur baby 🙂

Meet Maxie, Gage’s new best friend, Michael’s new love, and another kiddo that mama has to take care of 😉 But she is amazing and she fits in our family perfectly!

Now which brings us to the now…

So before the big move, I was kicking ass, my nutrition and my workouts were consistent, although I did enjoy some pizza or a glass of wine now and then, but I was looking and feeling good….

But then the big moved happened and like I said, 2 weeks off of working out and well…. TOO MUCH PIZZA, that means I was a gluttony for gluten haha… and that put me right where I didn’t wanna be.

I weighed more than I have in a long time, my hands hurt when I would wake up in the morning, my joints hurt, I felt gross and I started to get disappointed in letting myself go again (the fear of going back to where I was in the beginning hit me hard).

But then I realized, I can’t have that mindset, I knew I couldn’t change the past, I couldn’t focus on the lack or the would of, should of, what I needed to do is focus on the now and what I needed to change NOW.


Because I was feeding my body with garbage and not treating it nicely, I decided to do the Refresh to help me break the cycle of bad habits. I lost 8lbs and 5.5″ and even after I was done with it, I lost 2 more pounds!

I got my dress!!!!

It made me CRY!!! Hell, it made everyone cry! It’s everything I have ever wanted, plus what I never knew I wanted and i cannot wait to wear it for Michael (178 days I will be).

So with that said, we as a family are back on track, we started a new program where we focus on timed nutrition and our muscle building, fat shredding body shaping workouts, but we aren’t just doing it for the big day, we are doing it for life 🙂

So now that we are all caught up, I can be more present and we can be Unstoppable AF in 2018!!!


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