after reading comments to other beachbody coaches and my own, I have noticed a great response to the positivity that we create. People react to it the way we react daily. There is nothing better than someone saying that you are motivating, or encouraging, even if you don’t talk to them. I realized just then that there are days, that no matter what, you feel down. You might be having a bad day at work, or struggling with other issues, and not wanting to handle it and just crawl under a rock, trust me, I have been there too. So I thought of a great idea! Since most of the time, people tend to focus on the negative, I think that everyone, ME, YOU, EVERYONE, do this!!!!!

Anytime someone pays you a compliment, about what you do, or how you make them feel, or anything, you should write it down! Post them where you can see them, especially when you know that you might need a pick me up at your desk, or in your bathroom when you get ready. Post those compliments so anytime you feel down, you can read them and see what you are doing for others!

It will seriously make you feel different!

Who is going to try it??

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